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We recently sold Park Vernon (Stoughton), Park Verona (Verona) and Summerhill Apartments - Senior Housing (De Forest) to Dane County Housing Redevelopment (DCHR), a subsidiary of Dane County Housing Authority (DCHA). WMC has a comprehensive compliance department used to certify all residents' income and expenses and ensure program compliance. With our team of experts, these federally assisted housing units will remain in our affordable housing portfolio.

May was a very busy month for our sister company, FGS The Restoration Company, who has been remodeling and upgrading the buildings and units. The project scope includes new roofs, siding, windows, hot water heaters, kitchen appliances, counters, cabinets, faucets, AC, tub refinishing, flooring, paint, trim and electrical upgrades.

"Before" kitchen @ Park Vernon Apartments

After" kitchen @ Park Vernon Apartments. Half wall was removed, new cabinets, counter tops and flooring installed. All appliances were upgraded.

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