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WMC Sweeps WI-CARH Awards!

Housing Our Neighbors in Rural Americawas the theme for WI-CARH's 20th annual meeting and conference held at Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin on November 2. The speakers and breakout sessions focused on thechallenges of today's rural housing industry.

Another exciting part of the workshop is learning who won the coveted Site Manager, Maintenance Person and Property of the year awards. Wisconsin Management is pleased and honored to have won all three categories!

And the winners are...

Site Manager of the Year Award: Peggy Klimke (Bird Creek Apartments and Southtown Terrace Apartment)

Maintenance of the Year Award: Robby Yost (Adams County Housing Authority)

Property of the Year Award: Millview Apartments (Laurie Nordin)

A special thank goes to Russ Endres, CEO of WMC for his role as Secretary of General Membership Meeting and to Ashely Keebler (Assistant Compliance Manager at WMC) and Julie Felhofer (Rural Development) for their entertaining session on "Unusual Tenant Questions".
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